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, and earning Abdul Baba the custodian of the shrine. These particulars reveal that the Muslim identification of the Pir saint was however Evidently recognised via the Hindu the vast majority. Abdul Baba continued to reside in the Sansthan region and like earlier days, continued to sweep the Masjid

इन सबकी दौड़ मेँ शायद ही कोई साँई से आगे निकल पाये। यकीन नहीँ होता न?

जिसको एक गूंगा भी बोल सकता है और बहरा सुन भी सकता है

Villagers experienced terrific enjoyment to determine this type of stranger within their village. The majority of them were being farmers. At present the farming continues to be set aside and everyone is engaged in only one field…. Sai baba field! Sai is organization for this city.

ये राजू के जन्म के पश्चात लिखी गई और कोरे झूठ ही झूठ है इसमें !

पहले साईं के चरणों में, अपना शीश नवाऊँ मैं।

किसी ने कहा की महाराज (साईं बाबा) ने अपने भक्तों से कहा था की वे –

So It's not that somebody gave him name SAI but it absolutely was a typical practice to simply call a MUSLIM FAKIR “SAI” in People days.

Any person can make a sai baba temple by accumulating money and might pocket every one of the Hundis funds. No authority can issue them now. Temples are becoming the ideal business enterprise in India now.

She read more would make people that ascend her methods fearless. This masjidmai is incredibly sort. Individuals who appear listed here achieve their goal”.

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मित्रो मालिक तो सबका कोई है ही नहीं, हाँ परमेश्वर या ईश्वर या परमपिता सभी का एक है,

 जहाँ उसे दफ़न किया गया वो मंदिर था किस का ?

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